About the captain - Conversion Pirate

About Me.

Let me tell you a story,
Who I am, what I do and how I became a (conversion) pirate.

Karlo Bradica – Captain of ConversionPirate.com

If you know where Slovenia is, you are a really good navigator and we could use you on our ship. Yeah, Slovenia is a really small country in the heart of Europe. We have 43km of coast line and this is where the best pirates are born.

I started my E-commerce experience quite a few years ago and from the moment I sold my first product I knew I was hooked for life.

Like any other e-comm rookie sea wolf I started small, building my way to the top. It took a lot of effort and sweat and most of all, a lot of failed experiments, so don’t you worry, I know or at least I knew your pain.

Some of the best e-comm ships n crews I had a pleasure to work with are:

  • Studio Moderna
    • A huge European company with over 6.000 employees that cover 22 markets and has created super brands like Dormeo, TopShop, Delimano, LiveActive, Kosmodisk, Walkmaxx.
  • Sensilab
    • A really big player in the pharmaceutical market that is present in more than 8 big European markets.
  • Ličila / PinkPanda
    • The biggest and most recognisable makeup e-commerce web store in 8 European markets, such as Germany, France, Slovakia, Czech, Croatia, Hungary.

Many many more brands and I’m sure you don’t fucking care and probably aren’t even reading this.

I’m a certified Google Analytics expert, owner of all the Google Adwords certificates and one of the first to get the Advanced Google Video certificate. Yeah, I can wipe my ass with them, certificates don’t make you web smart, mileage and tests do, and I have done shit loads of them also.

I’m also a lecturer in the biggest e-comm seminar house (Nasvet.com) and I cover themes on performance marketing and anything related to web stores. Yes, If you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda of a big shot pirate 🙂

What about your “teespring,shopify,fullfilment” experience?

Damn, how could I forget about that?

Well, like most of the people here I started on Teespring and T-shirt mania. My first T-shirt campaign sold 13 tees, I thought that was it, I can move to the Bahamas and dock my ship. I immediately made a new campaign (Dan Bilzerian T-shirts) and sold 100 in the first night of testing, hell yeah, right? No, not really, when I upped my budgets my campaign got banned and I lost all of my income and still had to pay for the advertising 🙂

I learned my lesson and moved to the next thing that popped up – TeeProfitsPro

This is a screen from my first month on TeeProfitsPro and the rest is history. Sold my TPP asset and moved to the bigger level – Shopify. My stores are still active, so you don’t get to see them 🙂



I’ll stop talking about me, so please tell me something about yourself.

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