To all my pirates.

I would say sorry for not providing you with pirate wisdom, but Im a pirate and we do not apologise to anyone.

Also, Im working on a new fix to help you with your conversion rates and we were really really busy, since we had a lot of work to do and we also like to drink, and I can say these two do not mix well. Productivity isnt really good when mixed with alcohol.

Since my previous hack got stolen by virtually everyone on the web, Im taking the new one to the Shopify app marketplace, so it takes a little more time to get it ready.

What the hell does your my post title mean? Only cowards use exits (popups)

Well, I have to make fun wordplays do make you entertained, so I can educate you in the process.

The todays topic will be about EXIT INTENT POP-UPS

What are those?

When your mouse cursor makes a move for the exit part of the browser screen and suddenly an annoying popup window appear. Thats it.

Why would someone use this?

If you dont know why, you probably shouldnt use one, since everything on the web could and will backfire on you if you dont use it properly. If you feel like there is a BUT coming, you are right.

BUT. If you do use it properly it can make magic happen. What kind of magic? I like magic. It make make people that were leaving your website come back and make a an actual purchase. AmaZING.

We are all paying for acquisition of new users, you probably use Facebook, Adwords, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo, or some other traffic source and pay them for visitors. If you dont use some kind form of “visitor retrieval – I will trademark this term” you are losing visits and of course – purchases, conversions, orders, money, whatever way you want to call it. MONEY. You are losing money. Why would you do that?

Ignorance mostly. Yes, I am calling you stupid in a non insulting way. Your perception probably is that all popup windows are annoying and thus non effective or you simply dont know what they are. Both cases, you are stupid.

Annoying perception: I guess you could say that popups are annoying, especially when they interrupt you when you are watching your favourite video on p0rntube or a similar site. I can imagine a few more situations where an interruption could seem annoying, so I guess you are not stupid.

Nah, still stupid, but no worries, I am here to educate you!

Im sure you found a common factor in the annoying part above, its an interruption. And if you interrupt someone when they dont want to be interrupted, you bet, they get annoyed. The simple solution to this problem is to make you popup less interruptive and more “problem solution” oriented. Think about why would someone give you their email or use your crappy 10% discount coupon code? What would make you do that as an ordinary user?

  1. Make the copywriting fun and helpful. Keep it short and simple. Test the copy over and over.
  2. Pick your battles. Chose where you want to show the popup and why would someone enjoy a fresh popup.
  3. Provide users with something. Make them feel like they beat you. Make them feel like they are special.
  4. Visual part is always important. Dont make it flashy and spammy looking, keep it clean and likeable.

Ohh, mr. ConversionPirate, how much people can I bring back with the popup? I dont know, but I know that on an industry level there is as average of 15%+ of return visitors/buyers. If this number looks fine as hell to you, you know what to do in the next 1 hour. This is the actual amount of time it should take to make everything ready to work on your site. You have no excuses.