The wait is over.

First of all, let me say thank you to all my fellow pirates, your messages made me smile and every message was an excuse for an extra glass of rum – maybe thats the reason why the new improved checkout countdown came a few days late, but who cares, it is finally here.

I got shiploads of positive feedback and improved conversion rates, over 1.500 of you guys installed the script, most of you were thrilled, some were sceptic, some were disappointed, but majority of you gave me important feedback. And a special shoutout to that guy who sent me a bottle of rum, you know who you are, you sir have my respect.

I decided to act on the great feedback and make a new awesome pirate checkout countdown version.

What were the biggest problems of my first hack?

Let me just explain something here, before we get intimate. The point of the hack wasn’t the hack itself, it was the possibility of it, what could you do with it. I knew it was “flawed” but it still did what it was meant for. Well, if you really want to get somewhere in e-commerce you will soon find out – test, test, test, improve, test is the only way to go, so I did just that.

What did I fix?

Everything. Yep, basically everything.

  1. You can now change the text to your language or switch it around as you please.
  2. You can select the desired duration of the timer.
  3. You can select a pre-made trust badge of your choice and place it on the checkout.
  4. The counter has cookies, so it remembers the duration in each step of checkout. It no longer refreshes back to 10 minutes. Awesome, right?
  5. When the counter reaches 0.00 you can change the text to anything you want. How cool is that?
  6. Its no longer hosted on our server, because some of you were afraid. PS: You should be, Im a motherfucking pirate. Where did I put it? Shopify CDN. Why? Because I can.
  7. IT DOES NOT SHOW ON THANK YOU PAGE. Yeah. Solved that also.
  8. I DID A LIVE CONFIGURATOR, so you can preview the changes on the fly and the script is automatically generated for you.

And yes, it is FREE again. Well, you could say thank you, like the legend above and send me a bottle of rum, not the cheap stuff!


Oh, you have to unlock the rest of the content to get the link to the configurator. Why?

Well I collect emails in my free time and Im sure I don’t have yours.