I think you don’t need extra explanation on why do you need trust in the final stages of a purchase journey -> checkout process. Well it’s the page where you actually get paid and thus it should you the page you worry most about. Is this the case?

Not really, generally speaking, too many rookie web pirates don’y pay attention to their checkout experience and end up dissappointed and eventually drown. The big fellas, they optimise and test every aspect of their purchase funnel and that is more or less the difference between you and them. That’s why you keep chasing them and fail miserably each time.

You don’t want to drown don’t you?

Drowning isn’t nice and you know it. It means your checkout process isn’t converting and that’s the most painful thing that can happen to an online pirate. You can invest 100.000$ in advertising and get nothing out of it, if your checkout doesn’t say, “hey man, we are a legit company that sells legit stuff and you can trust us with your life/money/credit card”.

How much money are you losing?

You are losing 14,000$ per month. Seriously. Nah, we can’t say, since we don’t know the volume you are producing and the % of people that are leaving your cart. But we can create a fake scenario, so you can get the feeling (of pain).

  • Monthly checkout visits. Let’s pretend you have 15,000 monthly checkout visits. Remember, these are just visits, not actual sales. A visit is defined as a potential customer who started to buy something. Maybe they selected a product and put it in their shopping cart, or they started to fill out their shipping information, etc.
  • Average order value. Further, let’s say the average shopping card order is $50.
  • Abandonment rate. Finally, let’s assume that your shopping cart abandonment rate is 67% — right at average.
  • Shopping cart abandonment is costing you $502,500 each month.

What could you do with an extra $500k monthly? (you probably don’t have 15k checkout visits and a crappy checkout process, but hey, its a scenario)

Those numbers are hypothetical, so try with your own numbers: Use the “magical formula below”.

Average monthly number of checkout visits (estimated) x Average order value (estimated) x .67 (average abandonment rate) = Monthly loss due to shopping cart abandonment.

PS: If you don’t believe me (because I’m a pirate), nice people at Shopify also agree that losing customers in the checkout process is really bad and it really is around 67%ish. Go ahead, see for yourself -> Shopify article


Hurts doesn’t it. Yeah, truth is sometimes painful, but hey, this problem can easily go away if you can follow simple instructions and have an IQ value over 50. I’m sure you do, because you are reading this blog and this blog is the bomb.

Please help me Karlo, I don’t wan’t to lose money!

Sure, I feel your pain, losing money is a real pain in the ass. Especially now, when the market is harden than ever if you don’t do your due diligence and use common advertising sense. By common advertising sense I mean, your landing pages / sites / checkout should and must be pimped to the Xzibit level.

If you had a retail store, would you have it dirty and stuff just randomly thrown on the shelves, if you had any of course. Nah, you wouldn’t. So, why is your e-commerce store like that?

There is no excuses. Check this interesting picture on reasons why people are leaving you empty handed. PS: I pirated the image from Forbes and they already highlighted the ones, you should have fixed already, so I don’t have to do it. Less work, more boat party!


Tell me how, master please tell me how…

Simple, keep it clean and simple. Moderation is the key to success. If you overdo it, it will look scammer-like and fake, you absolutely don’t wan’t that, it’s even worse than doing nothing.

Here are a few tips to improve your checkout process.

  1. If your cart isn’t mobile friendly you are just plain stupid and should leave this page immediately.
  2. If you require membership or logins, please do the same as above.
  3. If people need more than 2 minutes to fill your forms, you are doing something wrong and we can’t be friends.
  4. If you have only one payment option, well, do you really think that’s ok? Do you?
  5. If your checkout page crashes, you should fire someone from the IT department.
  6. If your shipping cost is too damn high you have two options. Stop with the FREE + PAY ONLY SHIPPING stuff or get a new distributor.
  7. If you don’t have TRUST logos on your checkout process, you are missing out. If you think this is irrelevant, think again.

Why is number 7 in bold?

Number 7 is the reason you are here, well not the number 7, this isn’t no numerology crap blog, you are here because you need your customers to say, I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE and throw money at you.

And to make that happen, your site and the whole checkout process has to look (excuse my French) LEGIT AS FUCK.

What better way than to get some LEGIT Trust Logos, such as these on the nice picture below.


They do look trustworthy, don’t they? Yep, legit and professional, just the way we like them. Now, I have found (stolen) another picture (from http://monetizepros.com/) where you can see what badges are the most clicked, yes, someone actually made a heat map. Thank you guys.


And now the magic question.

Do you use them on your checkout process? Who are you kidding? This is a Shopify related post and clearly you can’t edit your checkout process by yourself. Do you remember my previous post about urgency and how we know your pain? Yep, mr. Nice Guy again.

We have solved the problem for you yet again.

The solution to all your TRUST CHECKOUT problems is here

And yet again FREE. No charge whatsoever. Just the way you like it 🙂 It looks great and it works great. Our Shopify stores had improved the % of finished checkouts by a margin we simply won’t write, since you won’t believe us. You have to try it for yourselves.

The magic checkout looks like this:


Why those three badges? They really outperform any other trust badge by a mile. Be sure when we say that they really really perform great.

PS: They also work with our checkout countdown timer, so no worries, you can use both at the same time for extra checkout %CR boost. 


Karlo out.