Don’t let your ads die you monster!


Finding a new product is easy, finding one that sells is hard. Well the products don’t sell by themselves, you gotta use advertising, unless you are some kind of a magic pirate.

Well, I’m an ordinary pirate, ahh not really, I’m kinda awesome, but I still can’t sell my products without advertising them first. Yeah, I get a few organics from uncle Google, but you can’t feed a boat full of hungry mouths with organic sales, can you?

Please don’t even try to tell me how great SEO is and how I should be doing it, just don’t. SEO is shit and SEO is like swimming upstream while Man-O-War is chasing your ass. (Man-O-War? What is it? Google it you pirate imbecile!).

If you haven’t noticed, we are in 2016, and Google search results looks like yellow pages on steroids. I haven’t seen an organic result above the fold in 2 years now, and you are trying to tell me I should do SEO?

You just wasted 3 minutes of my life I will never get back, but hey, at least I let my SEO frustrations out.

All hands on deck!

Back to the important topic. Why are you murdering your ads? Why would someone do that?

Well if you knew better, you wouldn’t. I bet you don’t even know what I’m talking about.. murdering your ads? “I’m sure I’m not doing that, my ads are converting!” Is that what you are thinking?

Yeah, they are converting now, how about tomorrow? Sounds familiar?

If you did Facebook advertising it should be familiar. That crappy feeling when suddenly your ads stop working and are crushing your ROI. The golden rule: ROI must never be crushed!

The reason that happens, your target audience is getting exhausted. Can’t be that, I have a large audience and I didn’t reach all of it yet. Why does this happen?

It’s called FB logic.

When you advertise to a selected group (audience) FB randomly (depends on your history and quite a few factors, so it really isn’t random) selects users that will “see” your ads. Depending on the % of these people interacting with your ads or commonly known as CTR%, the FB will rate your ad internally and externally (Relevance score 1-10).

The group of people (audience) you targeted contains different people and different people behave differently. Even if you laser target a specific group, people will still be different. Some are more engaging and some are less. And that is ok.

It also means, that some people will like/comment/share/click on your ad and some will see it and ignore it. The second ones are the problem, they saw your ads and they didn’t like it? Sons of a biscuit eater! Travesty.

All the people within the selected audience can’t be available at the same time, but Facebook still rolls your ads whenever the criteria is positive (age / sex / interests match) and even if the people are not responding to them. This effect causes a metric called “FREQUENCY” to get higher and higher until it eventually KILLS your ad.

The problem is even bigger when you are using larger budgets and when you are trying to scale your successful ads to new heights. Why? Well think about it… You give Facebook more money to find more people within your selected audience, it means that Facebook doesn’t need to be careful with picking the right click, it just needs to get you a click. They don’t care if you get a prime converter click or a trashy one, they still get PAID.

I get it now. The code to the universe is unlocked. Karlo has saved my day yet again.

Nope, I didn’t. I still haven’t told you my solution to this. What about if you think about it for 3 minutes and use your brain power to try and solve this issue by yourself? Seriously, try it. It isn’t as hard as it seems, its pure logic and common sense. I’m sure you got that covered, since you are here and you read this deep into this proper article.

Fuck you Karlo, you crappy pirate. Give me the answer now.

Well fuck you back. I don’t respond to threats in a polite manner. But since you are an old dog and we are friends, I will tell you what I do.

What to do:

You need an Facebook audience called: All my ‘fuckin visitors (30) days which is (yeah, you guessed it) All the visitors to your site / LP / product, whatever you are advertising on that ad for the time period of 30 days (or whatever time period you want to use).

Next time when you are setting ad targeting make sure to use that audience and by use I mean EXCLUDE it the fuck out. Why would you advertise to the people that already saw that ad? Why would someone do that?

Like this:


If you have an IQ above a common parrot, you use remarketing and already target that set of visitors with a solution to their problems and getting a nice ROI out of them.

You understand why you should exclude the existing ones from your non remarketing advertising? If you don’t, I wish you all the luck in the world, you will need it.