You guys are the worst. 

When I docked my ship, the drunk postman was waiting with shitloads of emails, I mean letters, many of them saying you want the countdown timer from my awesome shopify hack post. And if you drunkards ask, we deliver, right?

I’m talking about this thingy here ->


Hell yeah we deliver. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a developer and not us. So, we got that out of the way, now – good luck with implementation and don’t forget to test, test and test, or how we like to say drink rum, test, drink rum again, test, pass out.

The How to segment is locked ofc. If you are our pirate, you already have access, if no and you don’t want to sign up, well fuck you?

BE AWARE, THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERY THEME, YOU HAVE TO BE A CODER TO MAKE IT WORK. If you are not, you should get the real deal app from the Shopify app store, called HURRIFY. It works perfectly and it is great.